How to get safely vaccinated in Ratina and Messukeskus with SURE​

The Ratina district in Tampere is a busy place. It’s home to the city’s largest shopping mall Ratina, Tampere Stadium also known as Ratina Stadium. With many shops and restaurants nearby. There are housing and parks where people live their lives. Ratina district has everything you need within walking distance from any given point in the area.

Corona vaccinations are given at Tampere Stadium’s gyms in Ratina. The vaccination unit is located on the Suvanto side of the stadium along Ratina’s lakeside road. Unfortunately, the busy city center can also mean there can be a lot of traffic. So how can you get vaccinated safely in Ratina with all the traffic and buzz?

SURE produced an online vaccination map for easy arrival and parking together with Citynomadi

To help you navigate the busy streets and parking areas, the SURE project created a vaccination map together with a local company Citynomadi.

Ratina can be reached by several different buses, bikes, or on foot. When coming in your own car, the easiest way is to leave the car in the parking garages of the nearby shopping centers. The vaccination map helps to find your location and the best parking spaces available. You can find taxes, disabled parking, as well as bicycle parking for the duration of the vaccination. It also provides real-time bus schedules from Tampere regional transport service Nysse.

How to use the Ratina vaccination map

To see the Ratina vaccination map and ensure a smooth and safe vaccination experience, go to this link with your mobile phone You can also download the Nomadi app from your app store and search for #ratina. Please note that vaccinations are given by appointment at the vaccination unit on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The vaccination map is also available for the new location in Messukeskus. You can find the map at

More info in Finnish

More info in English

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