Secure and attractive Tampere – Tampere joined the UN’s Making Cities Resilient (MCR) 2030 network and the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) network

Tampere has quickly grown into Finland’s leading event city for experiences. At the same time, safety and security have been raised as one of the focus areas in city planning. For years, Tampere has invested in improving and developing urban resilience and security with the help of an active security competence cluster and the SURE project.

The urban safety and resilience work continues even more internationally now that the City of Tampere decided to join the UN’s Making Cities Resilient (MCR) 2030 network and the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) network. Both networks enable the city to access the latest information, research, innovations, global cooperation, decision making and funding opportunities.

International support for the development of urban safety and resilience

With the networks, the City of Tampere has the opportunity to develop its own safety, resilience and risk management, as well as to strengthen cooperation on a global level. The initiative offers tools and networks for promoting and positioning the city’s own resilience work in the global reference framework. Through the initiative, new funding opportunities also open up, with the help of which resilience work can be further developed.

European Forum for Urban Security – EFUS

EFUS is the only European network promoting urban safety. It is aimed at actors at the regional and local levels to promote urban safety and the fight against crime. There are 250 cities and regions from 15 different countries as members.

The network supports European cooperation in the development of urban safety. The City of Tampere can participate in, among other things, various funding applications, evaluations of city safety strategies and related development programs, member advocacy in the EU and other international institutions, training and international conferences.

MCR2030 – Making Cities Resilient 2030

MCR 2030, on the other hand, offers the support of a global city network for the strategic development work of urban resilience. The goal of the network is to ensure that cities become more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by 2030 in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goal 11. There are currently 733 cities around the world involved.

The decision to join the networks can also be read on the city’s website: Kaupunginhallitus | Tampere agendas and minutes Tampere agendas and minutes:

More information about the EFUS network can be found at

More information about the MCR2030 network can be found at

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