Smart lighting supports guiding of big crowds

The City of Tampere’s project Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience – SURE commissioned a study from WSP related to urban lighting and guiding with light. The project area was Ratina rantatie parking and street area, Laukonsilta pedestrian bridge, Aleksis Kiven katu and Kirkkokatu streets. During the work, the current state and development needs of the public lighting in the project area were studied, as well as the possibilities for guiding with light.

Through research in the field of lighting and related pilot projects, it was investigated how light has been used to increase the sense of security. Through background studies and the working group’s deliberations, it was decided to renovate the street lighting in the study area. The feeling of security is made by even, glare-free and suitably efficient lighting that allows the space to be easily detected.

Modern city lighting should meet the needs of users. The new lighting in the street areas will be of good quality with warm tones and uniformity. Lighting can be controlled to brighten as needed and dim in quiet moments. In addition, some areas are equipped with colored light as additional light, which can be used to guide, to help navigate or to create an atmosphere in event situations. An animated light is planned for the railing of the Laukonsilta bridge, which will transport those walking on the bridge in the right direction.

The idea of guiding with light was born during the project and is to be tested with concrete lighting signs to be installed on the lighting poles. The project will also test light guidance by making light projections that are reflected on the facades and the surface of the street.

All lights in the project area are controlled via the Smart City IoT system. The lights can be controlled to respond to the needs of the event organizer or authority.

Written by: Annukka Larsen, WSP

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