SURE will be part of Tampere Smart City Week in June 2022

Cities and regions around the world are facing many challenges, such as: climate change, coronavirus pandemic, political and economic instabilities; and smart technologies are being used as an integral part of the solutions for these crises. Tools, software, platforms, artificial intelligence, and others are being developed as improvements to the urban areas, helping government make evidence-based decisions and building a smarter, human-centric society. In this scenario the Tampere Smart City Week (TSCW) launch an event focus on discuss about technologies, solutions, and the future. 

The TSCW is an event for everyone interested in smart city development. The program of the event week includes a wide range of interesting programs for students, public sector, private companies, and experts from other cities. The next Tampere Smart City Week will be held on 14.-15.6.2022. The main organizer of Tampere Smart City Week is the City of Tampere in close cooperation with Business Tampere.

SURE has two session in the Conference. On the first day we will have a whole-day session “Smooth security & hard technology: a seamless blend of technology and ambiance for urban events with the SURE” and on the second day we will take over the main stage with panel discussion on “Urban Security and Digital Trust”.

The event is free of charge.

Program and more info:

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